How To Tattoo Guide for 2016


A tattoo is a type of body alteration, made by inserting ink, either permanent or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. The art of tattoo adds creativity on the body with special techniques. Tattoos allow people to express their personality and individuality.

Techniques of Tattooing

Learning the skilled techniques of tattoo-art is a skilled systematic journey. While it’s attractive to want to jump in with both feet to experience a petite of the whole thing at once, tattooing is just like any other art form. You are required to acquire simple abilities and then shape them as according to your skills and self-assurance grow.

Tattoo Machine

Tattoo machine holds the tattooing culture. The machine with its proper accuracy draws/fills the designs. The needle(s) is positioned inside a tube and the tattoo artist uses a foot pedal to function the scheme that inserts the needle into the skin hundreds of times per second. Different needles are wanted for exactness, coloring and shading, which differ in size and number. Using a machine is the fastest tattooing method, but needs a license to use and handle.


Adding your favorite quote on your body is now very easy with the technique of lettering. Trends change, but to some degree that seems to persist fairly constant is the desire to include names or quotations into tattoos.  Making fine tattoos that join lettering requires you to comprehend concepts such as the arrangement requisite to lay words out in a creative and artistic way, as well as the form and function of the letters themselves.

Rake and Striking Stick

The most embryonic and first-born methods in tattooing is using the striking stick. Most dominant in the South Pacific today, the artist customs a tilted rake, most often bone, dips it in ink, and hits it with the striking stick to puncture the skin. The puncture then contains the ink from the rake and over time the consecutive punctures form a pattern. An associate most often stretches the skin though the artist works on the design. This practice has been used to form the world’s most sumptuously decorative tattoos found in Samoa and Papua New Guinea.

Tattoo apprenticeship

So you have artistic taste? Interested to play with color? Tattoo market is the best platform for you to enhance your skills and add more into your experience. The experienced and authentic way of learning about how to tattoo is to become a tattoo apprentice. This includes learning a skill from somebody who already performs the skill and has an amount of years of experience doing it, and who is also enthusiastic to take the time and energy to take on a student. Back in the days apprenticeship was only associated to some work related to construction etc. but now the demand of artistic work has increased and it required more creativity. Being a tattoo apprentice you are free to play with designs and colors in order to produce the creative and best result.